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Freight trolley



The frame of the trolley has a rigid construction.

It houses:

  •  Lifting mechanism;
  • Movement mechanism;
  • Security mechanisms.

Safety mechanisms:

  • Load limiter; Lift / lower limit switch;
  • Trolley limit switch.

The load limiter will ensure the correct operation of the truck, will not allow operation with a weight exceeding the nominal by more than 10%.

The lift / lower limit switch will turn off the power within the maximum allowed lift / lower range.

The limit switches of the course provide transition of the crane to the lowered speed in a deadlock zone that allows to provide safer operation of the crane with freight in extreme zones.

The design of the cart is designed so that it can be used for both double-girder and single-girder cranes.

Double-beam trolleys can move on the upper and lower belts. A low-speed shaft is used to move the cart and the length of the tracks depends on the lifting load and the length of the drum.

Cranes with single-girder axles use trolleys that are made with side or reverse guide rollers. These structures keep the trolley from tipping over.

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