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Electric wire rope hoists of the H, HS, HLC, HNC-3/5/10/20/25 series

HR rope hoist with exceptional technical characteristics.

Electric wire rope hoists


Flat cylindrical motor-reducer of movement;

Rope layer with increased angle of the rope up to 5 degrees.

Effective oil

High-performance lifting engine:

Gear transmission

Hook suspension;

Control cabinet:

Electric rope hoist HLC

The modular design of a rope hoist allows one to use in difficult operating conditions.

You need to choose the right equipment according to your needs.

If you do not find the right performance – contact us for qualified assistance and implementation of your technical task.

The hoist is designed to meet the needs of customers representing different industries

Optimal speeds, modular design, and adaptive control system, with additional optional features, will ensure efficient and reliable operation in different operating conditions.

The maximum acceleration of technological operations and energy saving was achieved,  thanks to the skilled work of engineers of OZPTU LLC and repeated many times tests, The rope hoist HR has exceptional technical characteristics.

If you have not found the required performance, please contact us for qualified assistance and implementation of your technical assignment.

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