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Cable current lead

Cable current lead

Designed for the power supply of the crane and its components. LLC “OZPTO” offers its customers high-quality cable conduits to support girder cranes, two-block bridge cranes, overhead girder cranes, crane trolleys, and hoists.

The outstanding performance of the system

It can be used with different types of lifting equipment.
Affordable price for this type of power supply.
Quick and easy assembly and disassembly; on request, it is possible to increase the length of the line.

The conductor includes:

A set of cable trolleys – carry out the movement of the power wire behind the moving components.
Rigid C-shaped profile of the Feston type, which cable trolleys carry out their movement.
Flat cable TKD – germanium – electricity flows through it to the moving elements of the crane.
Fasteners, holders, couplings, end caps for guides.

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