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Gantry crane

Gantry crane

General purpose gantry cranes can be used:

  • Warehouse sites;
  • Industrial and construction facilities;
  • Cargo ports;
  • Railway facilities;
  • Tram depot;
  • Container terminals;
  • Shipbuilding.

Cranes are made with hook or with special lifting devices. The spans of general purpose cranes are usually from 4 to 40 meters, the lifting capacity of such cranes starts from 3 to 60 tons.

Due to the design features, cranes are cantilevered and non-cantilevered, as well as lattice and box-shaped, based on beams and legs on cranes./p>


  • Gantry cranes can load any cargo and at any distance;
  • A variety of design options allow you to get profitable technical solutions;
  • The protruding consoles allow you to increase the service area;
  • Ease of manufacture and operation;
  • High temperature resistance, the ability to work at high and low temperatures;
  • Uniform distribution of the weight of the load along the entire length of the crane beam.

Components of the crane:

  • metal bridge;
  • a trolley mounted or suspended on a bridge and able to move on it;
  • two supports, each of which includes one or two racks;
  • support platforms for movement along the crane runway;
  • lifting mechanism;
  • trolley movement mechanism;
  • crane travel mechanism.

The gantry crane can be operated with:

  • stationary or mobile cabin;
  • pendant control;
  • radio control.

Crane cab types:

  • Mobile or stationary;
  • Open and closed;
  • Equipped with air conditioning;
  • With heating;
  • With different controls (with joysticks or controllers KKT, KKP);
  • Outdoor floor control.

Crane control panels can be:

  • Suspended;
  • Controlled by radio buttons;
  • Controlled by radio joysticks.

If you need a high-quality and reliable crane for an enterprise or a crane with special characteristics, then our ОZPTU LLC plant is ready to fulfill an order of any complexity at the best price. The price of a general-purpose electric gantry crane depends on the configuration of the crane in accordance with the requirements of the client.

For more information call or write to us.

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