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Single-girder suspended crane

Single-girder suspended crane

When choosing a crane you need to consider:

  • The maximum weight of the cargo;
  • The size of the working area of ​​the crane;
  • Operating mode.


Technical characteristics:

  • Range of loading capacity from 1 to 20 t;
  • Crane run is 2-34 m; Crane console from 0.3 to 5 m;
  • Lifting speed 4-16 m / min;
  • Crane movement speed 10-40 m / min;
  • The mode of operation of the crane A1 – A6.


  • Tandem control (control of two cranes simultaneously from one control panel);
  • Indication of cargo weight (digital board);
  • The registrar of parameters of work of the crane;
  • Cargo control system;
  • Radio control;
  • Floating block (to compensate for non-parallel paths).


Execution of KP-A:

The construction height of the one-beam suspended crane with the rolled profile beam is very small. The crane is mounted directly on a shop ceiling or a steel design.

Execution of KP-B:

With big spans and big loading capacity, crane bridges are made cranked

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