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Manual gantry cranes



Manual gantry cranes (light gantry crane, mobile reloading device) are ideal for use in industry, service shops, service workshops.

Given their use for work on small and medium loads, the gantry crane light does not require crane tracks, because it moves manually on polyamide swivel wheels.

The gantry crane consists of:

  • Two end beams on polyurethane or metal wheels
  • Two or more supports resting on end beams;
  • One or two main beams mounted on the crane support;
  • Manual or electric hoist;
  • Additional brake system.

Main technical features:

  • Movement of the crane manually from the used polyamide rotary wheels;
  • No need for a crane way;
  • Loading capacity – 250-5000 kg;
  • Flight up to 8 m;
  • Simple and reliable design.

The loading device (gantry crane) can be operated both indoors and outdoors, depending on the type of hoist installed on the device.

Operation is allowed at an ambient temperature of not less than -40 degrees C and not more than +60 degrees C.

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