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Self-propelled rail trolley

The trolley is intended for transportation of freights (preparations, raw materials, semi-finished products, etc.) between shop sites of production and warehouses. The cart is a vehicle with individual drive. The drive has an electromechanical transmission. The power supply of the trolley is carried out through a cable or batteries, the cable is wound on a drum, which prevents abrasion of the insulation and mechanical damage. The cart has a rigid design with an airtight covering (flooring), for protection of knots and mechanisms against moisture hit. On the front and rear there are levers with emergency stop sensors.

Description of the rail trolley:

  • It moves the load on straight rail tracks.
  • It is universal in application (optimizes work on production both indoors, and outside of the room).
  • It is possible to install any options to increase the efficiency of the equipment: frequency converter, brake on movement, lifting table …;
  • It is possible to place a welding rotator on the platform of the trolley to increase its versatility. It is controlled by means of the stationary or cable control panel, a radio channel;
  • It is easy to operate. It is possible to adjust the speed.
  • The trolley has a low-floor design for convenient work and service.

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