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Radio control

You often asked questions “why do I need a radio control”, “why is it better”, “what is the benefit” … A little about us: our company provides comprehensive services for translation on radio control, starting with consultation and ending with installation and commissioning.

To understand in more detail, let’s start with the pros and cons.


control of any lifting machine, regardless of its configuration and technical parameters;
the speed of movement of the load and the accuracy of finishing operations increase, the crane operator can control the movement from a distance.
synchronization of work on two cranes at the same time.


reconstruction of the crane for the installation of the system;
regular technical inspection.

Summing up the results, you can see that there are a little more pluses than minuses, but the minuses are so insignificant with the pluses. We did not know to which of the points the reduction of personnel could be attributed, when installing a radio control, a crane operator or a crane operator is no longer needed, because any worker can control the remote control.

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