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Closed trolley busbar

Закрытый троллейный шинопровод - от производителя ООО

Closed trolley busbar

Designed to supply power to cranes. From 40 to 200 A per bus. Installation of up to 7 conductors.
The contact line represents the best solution for overhead cranes, hoists, winches, automated warehouses, and a number of other mobile mechanisms.

The contact line is distinguished by a number of its advantages:

  • High level of security
  • Continuous copper strip guarantees much lower voltage losses when operation, as well as noticeably less wear of the contact shoes.
  • High level of strength: the insulating box and all components are compact, strong, rigid, and resistant to corrosion;
  • Application flexibility: suitable for straight rails and curved lines;
  • Fast and easy installation: even in difficult conditions;
  • No maintenance required
  • Provided a number of copper strips: up to 7 pcs.
  • Maximum permissible temperature at design load -30 ° С + 40 ° С
  • The maximum allowable temperature for the box is + 60 ° С

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