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Warranty and Service

Warranty conditions

1. Conditions for providing consumers with a guarantee for lifting equipment (LCT):


1.1. The consumer is guaranteed the purchase of VPT, with the properties provided in the technical description, which corresponds to the current state of the art and type of VPT.

1.2. Mandatory conditions for the provision and consideration of the guarantee on VPT, is the timely (with the prescribed frequency) implementation by the Consumer of maintenance of VPT.

1.3. In order to ensure the warranty obligations of the Manufacturer, during the warranty period the Consumer must provide access to VPT specialists for the next maintenance provided by the technical regulations, as well as timely claims and complaints about defects VPT, caused by the Manufacturer, and require their elimination.

1.4. When carrying out warranty repair of VPT only those details (knots, units, etc.) in which the factory defect was found are subject to restoration or replacement.

1.5. In case of non-observance by the Consumer of the terms of maintenance of VPT provided by the Manufacturer, his right to make claims for performance of warranty obligations may be limited or revoked.

1.6 The guarantee is calculated from the date of actual transfer of VPT to the Consumer and is valid for the period specified in the supply contract. For warranty repairs of VPT or for details, or changes during warranty repair, the warranty period is extended until the end of the warranty on VPT.

1.7. To ensure the warranty obligations of the Manufacturer, to eliminate defects during the warranty period, the Consumer must contact only the Manufacturer VPT

1.8. Defective VPT parts replaced during the warranty repair are lost to the Consumer.


Warranty obligations

2. Warranty obligations do not apply to:

2.1. Natural wear of the following VPT parts:

– incandescent lamps, wheels, cargo hook, brake pads, checking and adjusting the geometry of the wheels – when operating VPT not more than 300 moto / h, or 6 (six) months from the date of sale, whichever comes first;

2.2. Damage caused by factors beyond the control of the Manufacturer, including:

– Improper operation (mechanical damage to parts of the transmission and chassis), overload, improper use of VPT (operating rules are detailed in the operating manual), etc .;

– Accident, illegal actions of third parties (fire, theft, etc.);

– Fault associated with changes in the design: modification, alteration, installation of additional equipment or without the consent of the Manufacturer;

– Damage or corrosion of the surface due to environmental factors (acid rain, chemicals, bird droppings, hail, storm, storm discharge, salt, etc.);

– Deterioration of appearance as a result of scratches or corrosion, due to exposure to paint, metal shavings or metal splashes, etc .;

– Mechanical or thermal damage to glass, plastic (glass, optics,).

2.3. Any malfunction caused by the Consumer’s failure to perform mandatory maintenance or the use of oils, lubricants or other technical fluids that do not comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations or are of improper quality.

2.4. Any malfunction caused by improper operation of its systems, electrical equipment, etc.)

2.5. Natural deterioration of technical characteristics:

– Normal wear of electric motors, parts of the chassis, transmission, rubber products, etc .;

2.6. Damage to any unit or unit in which the Consumer has failed to use parts that are not officially recommended by the Manufacturer.

2.7. Any defects resulting from the repair or replacement of parts made by any organization or other person not authorized by the Manufacturer.

2.8. Repair work of any kind, if the Consumer has previously performed maintenance or repair of equipment independently or by a third party organization without the consent of the Manufacturer.

2.9. Maintenance (cleaning, topping up, or changing the oil or other technical fluid, repairing or replacing wheels, brake pads, electric lamps, fuses, gaskets, etc.) as a result of natural wear.

2.10. Various adjustments, including the brake system, diagnostics, and refueling the air conditioner in cases of its presence, are not related to warranty repairs.

2.12. Any economic losses, including compensation for loss, lost profits, and other costs and losses.

2.13. Any repair of VPT with the changed indication of the counter of the worked time on which it is impossible to define the actual worked time.

Early termination

3. Early termination of warranty obligations

The manufacturer reserves the right to terminate the warranty obligations unilaterally with or without notice to the Consumer:

3.1. In case of damage to the VPT, its parts, assemblies, and units due to accidents not related to the operation of the VPT.

3.2. In the time of exceeding the operation time of the VPT in the main interval during the warrant period (permissive excess – 100 moto/chorus).

3.3. If the time interval exceeds one month, in the interval between annual maintenance.

3.4. On VPT, which has changed the evidence of actual work or for which it is impossible to determine the actual work.

3.5. On VPT with the made design changes of any kind (additional equipment, modernization of any knots and units, installation of other systems), unpredictable by the Manufacturer or not coordinated with it. The contractor is responsible for the installation of any additional equipment.

3.6. On VPT with any defects that have arisen as a result of repairs performed by a person not authorized by the Manufacturer or the Consumer himself.

3.7. If there is damage to any unit or unit in which the parts used are not in accordance with the officially recommended for use by the Manufacturer.

3.8. In the event of any failure of the VPT caused by non-compliance with mandatory maintenance or the use of inappropriate types, oils, lubricants, or other technical fluids or technical fluids of improper quality.

3.10. If on VPT obvious damages of any knots and units which have appeared owing to incorrect operation of VPT are visible.

3.11. If the VPT has been operated in violation of the operating instructions specified in the operating instructions and has also been misused.

3.12. If the VPT was operated after a fault was detected.

Elimination of shortcomings

4. Terms of elimination of shortcomings.

4.1. From the moment of notification of detection of damaged (poor quality) equipment, the supplier undertakes to perform:

-small repairs within two or three working days;

-repair (replacement) of components within seven working days;

-repair (replacement) of imported equipment up to 30 working days (large, complete parts; gear motors)

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